It’s almost March?

When I look outside and still see snowy Massachusetts, I can’t believe that Spring is slowly approaching. With the winter season coming to a close, what are your plans for the upcoming month? For college students, it may be a long awaited spring break, or for home-owners it could be a much needed spring cleaning in the house. Whatever your plans may be, don’t forget that March is Red Cross Month!

Just like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, we tend to designate certain times to recognize and appreciate certain people in our lives. March as Red Cross Month is the perfect time for us to get together to celebrate the everyday heroes in our communities.

Every president since Roosevelt has proclaimed March as Red Cross Month. Even the mayors of Central and Western MA proclaim this OUR month! There will be events throughout the month, like the Hometown Heroes Breakfast in Springfield, MA and the Breakfast of Champions in West Boylston, MA, both on March 28th.

There is no better time to become involved with the Red Cross. There are many different ways to be part of our organization- become part of the Disaster Service Team, take a health care service class, give blood at the next blood drive, donate money to become an online hero, or simply spread the word of the Red Cross mission!

During the month of March, let’s not forget to appreciate our everyday heroes for volunteering time and saving lives through the Red Cross.

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Supporting our military one family at a time


Imagine living at home and caring for your children, while your partner is away fighting a war. For some, this may be a reality. For others, it is unimagineable. While troops are being deployed all around the world, their loved ones must say their goodbyes and hope for the best. 

Luckily, when a military family experiences a crisis, the American Red Cross is there to help. Wherever their military service takes them, service members can rest assured that the Red Cross will deliver notification of an emergency such as the death or serious illness of an immediate family member, as well as the good news of the birth of a service member’s child or grandchild.

Take Audrey and Billy Wilkins from North Carolina, for example. Billy was deployed in Afghanistan when she was due to give birth to their second child. The Red Cross helped contact the Army to bring him home safe so he could be there for the special event. Tears flooded his and Audrey’s eyes when they were both standing in the delivery room, knowing that they were finally together again for such an important day.

Along with emergency communications across the globe, the Red Cross offers support to all military families, military personnel, and veterans. We offer courses in coping with deployment, and workshops to help families re-adjust to being together after a loved one’s deployment.

If I ever had a family member leave to serve in the military, I would feel blessed to know that the Red Cross was there to support me the entire way.

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